Creative ways to engage students in creating the perfect yearbook.

Creative ways to engage students

Creative ways to engage students in creating the perfect yearbook

Creative ways to engage students in creating the perfect yearbook. The yearbook is a great way for students to document their school year, but it can be difficult to get them to participate, with these creative ways to engage students in creating the perfect yearbook, you’ll have no problem getting your students involved.

A yearbook is an important part of a school’s history. It contains memories and moments that will be cherished for years to come. It is important to make it as memorable as possible, especially since it is the last time students are together in secondary school.

Give them a voice

Giving students a voice and chance to give their ideas is imperative when you begin creating the school yearbook. Not only does this allow for them to be creative, but also gives students a sense of involvement in the process. Encourage students to take photos with their friends and teachers during the year so they have more photographs to choose from when creating their page layouts

Create a contest

By creating a contest you offer students the opportunity to include their ideas and best work. Some contest ideas are:

  • Contest for the best photo of a student or teacher
  • Create their own captions for their photos in the yearbook
  • A design challenge for students to create the cover of the yearbook

Ask for help from parents and teachers

Parents are a great resource to ask for help when it comes to the yearbook. They can take photos, write captions and provide feedback on the design of the book, an easy way to engage parents is to invite them to come into the classroom and take pictures of their children.

Many parents and teachers are happy to help with the school yearbook, very often it allows the school to divide the different sections of the book to various people which takes some of the stress off.

Give everyone a role

Give everyone a role in the process and it will be more fun for them to contribute. There are lots of ways to get students involved in the yearbook process. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Give every student a role (e.g., editor, photographer, designer)
  • Let them choose their own roles
  • Have them create content for specific pages
  • Ask them to come up with ideas for content on various pages
  • Have them take pictures of themselves and their friends throughout the years and post these pictures as spreads in the yearbook

Record interviews with teachers, students and staff members

Interviewing the teachers, student council president, students and staff members is a great way to get insight about the school. To get a sense of how the school feels, ask students what they think about the school. Ask students to create a list of words that describes their experience at the school.

Here are some other interview ideas that you can use:

  • Ask students what they intend on doing when school is over?
  • What are they looking most forward to?
  • What are their favourite memories while being a student at the school?

At Yearbooks Direct, having a user-friendly experience is of high importance. A yearbook is cherished between students and their families for years to come and are a way to showcase the students’ achievements and memories. They are a way to remember the year that has passed and a way to look forward to the year ahead so the creative process of making your own yearbook is something that everyone should get involved in.

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