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Experiences - Photo yearbooks

We have introduced an exciting new product for you to create a special Photo Yearbook. Do you want to remember all those special events from your time in school. Yearbooks are great for all leavers as a way to collectively remember your time in school, but would you like something more personal to remember you and your group of friends. 

Well now you can, 2 products A4 Landscape and A4 Portrait Hardcovers, collect all your memorable photos and create the perfect photo yearbook, we have created great templates, scrapbook images and backgrounds to really enhance your special book.

A4 Landscape Yearbook

Landscape Photo Yearbook

24-140 pages

from £29.99

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A4 Portrait Yearbook

A4 Portrait Photo Yearbook

24-140 pages

from £29.99

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Photos of clubs and organisations in your school yearbook are a great way to remember what you did in the past. They not only help you reminisce, but also help you take pride in the things that you have done.

School Trips

You have a great selection of school trips from your time in school, whether it is a camping, museum, historic town or ski trip. You must have a great selection of photos to use for your project.

Sports Day & Events

Photos of sporting events are a great way to remember and document your school year. Whether it’s a netball match, basketball game, or soccer match, you can capture the moments you’ll never forget.


During your time in school there will be many productions from adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, Shakespeare, Disney shows etc 

There will be great times spent and photos taken for you to remember all those special times from backstage laughs, bloopers and lots more.


It is a life changing experience, a fun time with your friends and building great life skills and experiences. It is also a great achievement and respected by employers. The DofE is many things to many people, supporting generations to successfully navigate adult life.


The Prom is a night that you will never forget. It’s the night where you get to dress up, dance, and have fun with all your friends. You’ll take pictures in front of the school building and share memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll be looking back at these photos for years to come and reminiscing about how great it was to be a teenager!

Music Events

Musical performances are a common event at school, and it is a time for you to be very proud of your talent and achievements you have made. Nothing like a standing ovation after you’ve performed some great classics.