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What pages should I include in a Yearbook?

Really this one is up to you, here are some ideas for pages that are easy and fun, hopefully you will feel inspired but really there are no hard and fast rules, each yearbook is different and will be unique to your school and year group.

Intro page

This could be a message from the Head Teacher, Deputy Head or Head of Year, obviously saying what a wonderful year group this has been!

Profile pages

These are essential to any yearbook as these will be all your individual portraits. All you need to do is decide which page style you are going to use, collect your photos, information, questions etc. if you are using those and either upload onto the pre-designed templates or create your own.

Photo montages

Don’t hold back – the more photos you use the better! Use photos from school trips, plays, days out, sports events, this is a great way to get lots of people included with extra photos of them.


Always popular and fun – especially teacher quotes! See our separate ‘Quotes Ideas’ for inspiration if you need it.


You can get carried away with this one. How about getting all your classmates to vote on categories such as ‘most likely to become famous’, ‘most likely to win the Olympics’, ‘best personality’, ‘best hair’, ‘best smile, best teacher’. The list is endless and really the more outrageous the better!

Whole year photo

A double page spread with your entire year group is always a nice touch.

When I Grow Up I Would Like to be…

Lots of fun and interesting to look back on in 10 years at a school reunion to see if anyone ended up doing what they thought they would.

Guess the Baby

How about collecting baby photos and having a guessing competition as to who is who?

Message page

A nice touch is to put one or two blank pages near the end of your yearbook to collect messages and signatures from all your classmates, you never know one day one of them might be famous!

These are just ideas, you can really include anything that’s relevant to your year group, the world is your oyster as they say, go have fun and get creative