How to Guides

Where to start with Yearbook planning?

Congratulations, the most important decision has been made – you are making a yearbook!

School yearbooks have come a long way since 1600 when they first originated with students filling scrapbooks with clippings and hair (yes hair!!) to today where we do everything digitally on our phones and computers.

Here at Yearbooks Direct we offer free state-of-the-art downloadable or online software which allows you to create your yearbook quickly and easily. We have lots of layout options, page styles and ideas to help you along the way (and we promise there won’t be a glue stick in sight!)

If you’ve been charged with your school’s yearbook project it is very exciting but it may also seem a little daunting and you may not be sure where to start. Here are some basic guidelines to help you successfully plan your yearbook and most importantly don’t forget we are always here to help.


Organising your team

You can’t do it alone! Round up as many volunteers as you can and give them specific job roles, here are a few as a starting point

  • Yearbook managers
  • Editors
  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Proofers

Once you’ve allocated those jobs you will be well on your way. Just make sure that everyone knows which job they have been allocated and what it involves.



We love to go on about deadlines, they may be boring but they are essential to the success of your yearbook.

Decide on the date that you need your finished printed yearbooks delivered to you and work back from there.

Allow at least 4 weeks to collect all your content as there will be a lot and your team may need to chase people a few times!

Make a timeline and share it with your team – remember many hands make light work…


Create a flatplan

This is a basically a list of page numbers and content. Once you’ve created a flatplan you can print it off and use it to makes notes and tick off as you collect everything you need for each page ready to move on to the next page.