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Hardback Yearbooks

A lasting memento of your academic years

Hardback Yearbooks for all types of schools – primary, secondary, high schools, academies etc.

Our free-to-use software offers 19 different themes, from traditional to contemporary, and hundreds of layout templates to ensure you find the perfect look. There’s classic designs and fun designs to suit any age. Just select your chosen theme in your template and select the layouts you need. Change up the background colour and add images from the hundreds in the scrapbook to build a unique A4 portrait hardcover yearbook. You can even mix and match themes if you wish!  Alternatively you can create your own design using the many built-in tools and free help guide. We take design very seriously and have created some of the best themes for you to choose from.

With Hardback Yearbooks, you potentially have up to 140 sides to use, giving plenty of room to recall school productions, prom and Sports day. Our dedicated support team will assist you throughout the process. So why not get your free, no obligation quote today!

Hardback Yearbooks

A4 Landscape Hardback Yearbook


Pricing depends on page count and order quantity

Hardback Yearbooks

A4 Portrait Hardback Yearbook


Pricing depends on page count and order quantity

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